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Jim Such purchased the land now known as Troopers Lodge Garage back in 1964.  He purchased a brick built workshop (originally built by Polish prisoners of war based on Sezincote Estate, Bourton on the Hill, as a coach servicing workshop), a couple of  wooden huts, with tin roofs and three hand operated petrol pumps.  He purchased the land from Ms Elsie Taylor who at the grand age of 78 was still running the petrol station.  Ms Taylor lived with her three brothers at their family farm in Aston Magna, from where she walked each day via the foot path through Blockley woods to and from Troopers Lodge.


50 years on and the workshop is still in use as a servicing and MOT station with Jim & Pauline at the helm.  When Jim first looked in the workshop he was unaware that a servicing pit had been dug in the floor. 

The workshop has been used as a glorified hen house,and the first task of the day was to dig out several tons of chicken manure ( if only he had knows the value of that in 2014)

1964 The first tanker of petrol was delivered.  200 gallons of BP Super from the grand cost of £49-7s-6d.  To those of your pre-decimalisation that's approximately £49.60 in today's money for 910 litres of fuel!!!


1964 The era of British built cars, Austion A40, Ford Angelia & Morris Minor's .  When engines didn't require a degree in engineering to understand them.  If a fan belt broke, it was feasible and done on may occasion, that you could request from your female companion a stocking or pair of tights to complete a running repair sufficient to get you home.  Troopers Lodge was to become a thriving busy enterprise.  Part of the site was cleared and leveled and the first development was to move the petrol pumps from in front of the workshop to their present location and the petrol station arrived.  A driving school was opened, and many former learner drivers still visit the garage.  A roadside assistance grew from one small Dodge recovery truck to a fleet.  Base 51 for the Greenflag had arrived.  No job was too big or small, too early or late in the day or night.  From the stranded Amercian in his rented card, who confused his oil filter cap for his radiator top up to recovering an overloaded 52 ton lorry whose clutch burnt out on the Fossebridge Hill.  More of the site was cleared and Troopers Lodge House rose up to originally fill the gap for a roadside cafe.  One of the last additions was in 1994 when a dedicated MOT bay was added to the workshop.

Nov 2016 - Present

James Eastwood purchased the Garage in November 2016.  Since then the general running of the garage is very much the same as when it first started in the 60's.  Many of the vehicles we run are just as old as the garage. 

We often have a classic vehicle parked out the front of the garage which customers are welcome to view at anytime. 

We have undergone a make over, renewing all our signs, sign writing and advertising.

From office staff to workshop  the garage continues to run smoothly 

The cars may have changed over the years but Troopers Lodge Garage endures.  We may be more likely to plug our diagnostics computer into your vehicle now, but we also pride ourselves on our old fashioned service.  To all our loyal customers past & present, we would like to pass our thanks to you as without you Troopers Lodge Garage would not be trading 

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