Oil & Filter Change

This is our basic service, which we recommend at the most 10,000 miles intervals or once a year. £60 is the average cost for this service, prices may vary due to make and size

Engine Service

Engine service solely concentrates on the engine bay, this includes all the filters, plugs and new oil, diesels will have a fuel conditioner  Takes usually an hour and a half to complete. Can be done whilst you wait. All vehicles get a visual health check.

Full Service

A full service can range from £150-£300 depending on the vehicle.  A full service has a mechanic for two and a half  hours giving the vehicle its full attention.  Tyres, Brakes and everything else checked.

All wheels are taken off the vehicle to inspect the brakes and replace is necessary.  Everything in the engine service is included in full.  

*No additional work is carried out without customers knowledge & approval